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Felicity Smoak, she is by no means an ass kicker but she’s very tough. … she has an inner steel to her …

– Marc Guggenheim answering a question from Examiner.com about strong female characters on the show. He also talks about Thea and Moira. He said they wanted to give female characters strength, but not limit that strength to kicking ass (via athenaagron) Via The Attic

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[x] I was pushing through an art block and this is all i could think of so here have some avatar buddies ~


This is great. 


…i feel a bit dumb posting the “same” drawing over and over but i guess you can see really well now how my traditional art differs from digital: Here’s the sketch.

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Best of Stephen Amell + NerdHQ Panel

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[Lee laughs out loud] Yeah, that dude was unimpressed.

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Fitz-Simmons vs Science Bros. Who will take the title? The confab in the lab! The discussion with no concussion! (Fan Art. Can’t find the artist name. Photo from Pinterest. Run my pretties and find me a name!)

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Robert Downey Jr @ SDCC 2014

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You would think that maybe Tony would be genre-savvy with the whole renegade-destruction-robot-apocalypse thing, but no

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